As you might recall, Steven Shastay, the head cook and bottle washer over at Court Reporting Help moved his website from ... well, wherever it was before to a new server on Yahoo ... and, alas, temporarily left the Drill Machine behind.

Responding to the hue and cry from a few people who wanted to download the Drill Machine, I temporarily uploaded the files to my site, and e-mailed Mr. Shastay to let him know that I had the files available.

Alas, he didn't get that message (pesky spam filters ...!) ... but he did get the next one, and he said he was ecstatic   happy   okay with my hosting the files on my site (it *is* freeware, after all ...).

To that end, I have prepared this page, with links to download a copy of The Drill Machine for the user's particular flavor of Windows (and please ... no jokes about the taste!).

Win98 version

If you get an error when you try to run the installer (WIN98 ONLY), you'll need to run this li'l file.

WinME version

Win 2000 version

WinXP version

Win7 version

Update (04MAR11)

For those of you who took advantage of "Hasta la Vista Thursday" and upgraded to Windows 7 as quickly as they could, and then discovered (horror of horrors!) that the Drill Machine did not work anymore, you will be pleased to know that His Steveness has updated The Drill Machine to work with Windows 7!

Now, to complete our list:

Windows 7 version

For the brave souls running Windows 7, if, after running the above installer, the Drill Machine isn't working for you, then download and run this file. Please note that I am not 100 percent sure this will make the Drill Machine work, as I do not have Windows 7 to play around with ... but I did some digging and found that file on an archived page for (as you might guess from the file name) The Speed Teacher.

Let me know if it works!

Need some drills? Here's a few ....

About These Drills ....

I downloaded these drills about two years ago from Court Reporting Help, and you should know that these are self-extracting archives ... that is, when you double-click them, they will put a window up really quickly, create a file in the C:/MY DOCUMENTS/DRILL MACHINE folder, and close the window.

Please note I said this happens very quickly ... so before you double-click the archive again, check the folder.

Also, some of these files may put the decompressed drill in a different directory (at least it did on my mighty Toshimba -- er, Toshiba) ... so, if, after installing all the files, you don't see all of them in the above-mentioned directory, do a search for DRILL MACHINE and see if you find a duplicate folder. If you do, select one location, and move all of your drills to that location. It makes it easier to keep track of the drills, y'know ....